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Read and learn about one of the best trucks of the second world war; the Dodge. Within five years Dodge produced more than 350.000 trucks for the US Army in all kinds of variations. Command-cars, weapons-carriers and ambulance are just a few of them. From ½- to 1½-ton, early vc to late knock down type. We have it. Read more about these trucks in the documentation section. Discuss about them in the forums.

A letter from Gandhi to Hitler

September 1st, 1939: Poland is invaded by Germany, resulting in what many believe to be the beginning of World War II. Just over a month before this happens, Mohandas Gandhi writes the first of two letters to Adolf Hitler in an attempt to prevent the oncoming war. This particular letter never reaches Hitler due to an intervention by the government.


Germany end World War One reparations after 92 years

Germany will finally clear its First World War debt by repaying nearly £60million this weekend.

The £22billion reparations were set by the Allied victors – mostly Britain, France and America – as compensation and punishment for the 1914-18 war.

The reparations were set at the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919, by the Allied victors - mostly Britain, France and America.


Killed for £40 and his OAP bus pass: Agonising death of Eisenhower's driver

In wartime, as in the rest of his days, Geoffrey Bacon showed quiet courage.

He acted as personal driver to Montgomery and Eisenhower, and volunteered to risk his life on secret missions against the Nazis.

Even at the age of 90, after losing his beloved wife, he still fended for himself living alone in a second-floor flat and walking daily to the shops.

But that independent spirit finally cost him his life at the hands of a callous thug.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1304155/Eisenhowers-driver-Geoff...

Nation gathers to mark 65th anniversary of VJ Day

Services have been held around the UK to mark the 65th anniversary of Victory over Japan Day.

The Prince of Wales and Prime Minister David Cameron joined veterans at the Cenotaph in London to mark the loss of almost 30,000 UK lives in the Far East.


The largest gathering of b-25's since wwii

The largest gathering of B-25's since WWII. B-25 Pacific Princess and 16 other B-25's attend the 68th Doolittle Reunion on April 27, 2010. B-25J 'Pacific Princess' and crew participates in the largest gathering of B-25's since WWII for the 68th Doolittle Raiders Reunion held April 17th & 18th, 2010 at USAF Museum, Wright Field Dayton OH.

Remembering the Battle of Britain

Hi-res photo's of the famous battle of Britain.

Honour for major who led capture of German port in WWII

A British World War II veteran who led a team of Commandos that seized a key German port, allowing the Allies to then secure Denmark, is to be honoured.

Germany is bestowing the Great Seal of Kiel on Maj Tony Hibbert, who lives in Cornwall, for leading the 500-strong team in capturing the port of Kiel.

In May 1945, Operation Eclipse led to the surrender of a large German garrison and all the Nazis in Denmark.


Walker M. "Bud" Mahurin, a top flying ace, dies at 91

Retired Air Force Col. Walker M. "Bud" Mahurin, 91, who as a fighter pilot in World War II and the Korean War was credited with downing 24 enemy planes, making him one of the leading American aces of his generation, died May 11 at his home in Newport Beach, Calif. He had complications from a stroke.

Nazi documents on Auschwitz found in attic

WARSAW (AFP)---More than 200 documents on the Nazi SS which ran the Auschwitz death camp have been found in an attic of a house in a nearby Polish town, the PAP news agency reported Sunday.

A number of the documents concern the doctor Victor Capesius, who conducted drug experiments on prisoners from February 1944 and was the camp's last chief pharmacist, according to Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum historian Adam Cyra.


'Schindler's list' to sell for £1.5m

The only privately held copy of a list that Oskar Schindler drew up of Jews to be saved from Nazi concentration camps is on sale for $2.2 million (£1.5m)


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