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Truck currently exhibited as a WC55. Found in a field in California, cowl numbers as listed. Frame number as listed. Truck bed from unknown source. Engine from a WC51. No build tag available on this one. Rebuilt by Chuck Reuter of California around 2004-2005. Restoration completed by current owner.
Now owned and used by Donald G and Laura Hattier of Millville Delaware.
Exhbited regulary as the primary motor pool truck for www.fortmiles.org


Duplicate serial number with

Duplicate serial number with Thierry Beckers WC56. Did email him about two years ago. Frame number is clearly as noted in my entry. Title is clear with that number as well. Dodge made a booboo somewhere.
Fortunately Mr. Becker is in France and there are no hassles at this end stateside.

1942 WC55
1956 AJS Mod 30
2002 Ural Patrol

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