Build records

Build Records are available for:

  • U.S.-Built Trucks from 1930 - 1954
  • U.S.-Built Cars from 1930 - 1967

If you wish to send a request, please include your full name and return address (a form IS required, but a letter will do). Also, please include the make, model and year of your automobile. If you are requesting a Build Record you must include your VIN Number .

Please send your inquiry to: DAIMLER CHRYSLER Corporate Historical Collection CIMS 410-11-21 12501 Chrysler Freeway Detroit MI, 48288 Attn: Historical Information

Build records: $45.00 for cars; Photographs: $15.00 Black and White; $25.00 Color Owner

Note: This only applies to U.S. built 1930 - 1954 Dodge and Plymouth trucks!

Cost for trucks is $25.00 USD and requires your truck's factory serial number (on frame). Also needed is a copy of your title or Bill of Sale. (VIN number on the door or chasis frame, not the engine block serial number.)

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