Closed cab confusion

The ink on the surrender papers wasent dry before the army started getting rid of 1/2 tons. apperantly a company bought a mess of open cab pickups, and converted them to closed cab. then resold them on the civilian markett, which causes all kinds of confusion today. the main differances between a civilian cab, and a military cab are

  • the military cab has no windshield winder
  • the military cab has 4 holes. 2 above, and 2 below the rear window, for the window screen.
  • the civilian cab has a gas tank hole on the drivers side.
  • the civilian cab may have holes on the sides of the cowl for lights.
  • it should be noted, that the winch modles were perty popular with the farm crowd, so if you have a closed cab on a winch frame, you can be sure its a post war conversion.


Even more closed cab confusion

The above is generally correct, but not complete.

Uncle Sam did buy 4 x 2 trucks which were both civilian trucks overpainted, and militarised civilian (WC3x and WC4x) all of these had closed cabs with the window winders and so on, and all were military.

The closed cab rear window screen is an example of something that was an option on civilian trucks, but standard on military trucks (another example is an external engine oil filter) Thus any military truck will have the four mounting points for the screen, but just because it has those points it doesn't have to be military.

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