An overview of the different models Dodge made during World War II. Another way to categorize is by using G-numbers.

Body type Year 1940 1940 1941 1941 1941 1941 1941 1942 1942 1942 1943 1944/45
Ton ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ½ ¾ ¾
Engine T203 T202 T207 T211 T212 T215 T112 T215 T112 T214 T223 T236
Open Cab Pickup VC-5 WC-3 WC-4 WC-13 WC-21 WC-22 WC-51 WC-52 WC-55 WC-62 WC-63 D3/4 APT
Closed Cab Pickup VC-3 VC-4 WC-1 WC-5 WC-12 WC-14 D8A WC-40 WC-38 WC-47
Panel and Radio Panel WC-11 WC-19 WC-37 WC-42 WC-49
Emergency repair WC-20 WC-41 WC-60
Telephone maintenance WC-39 WC-43 WC-50 WC-59 WC-61
Carryall VC-6 WC-10 WC-17 WC-26 WC-36 WC-48 WC-53
Ambulance VF407 WC-9 WC-18 WC-27 WC-54 WC-64
Reconnaissance & Radio Reconnaissance VC-1 VC-2 WC-6 WC-7 WC-8 WC-15 WC-16 WC-23 WC-24 WC-25 WC-56 WC-57 WC-58
Closed Cab Cargo VF401 VF402 VF404 VF405
Closed Cab Dump body VF403 VF406
Open cab, no body WF-31