The BC 1306 is a late war radio. There are several other US radios such as the BC 620 or the BC 659, that are available. The installation manual also lists a couple of others that I beleive are earlier. The installation manual is TM 11-2725 and I beleive that Dennis Spence at Portrayal Press has reproductions available.

There are different manuals for different trucks.

  • TM 11-2710 carryall
  • TM 11-2725 3/4 ton pickup
  • TM 11-2726 command car
  • TM 11-2743 1-1/2 ton pickup

BC stands for, Basic Component, SCR stands for, Signal Corps Radio, most radios are made up of several BC's. what radio goes in your vehicle depends on what kind of unit you are trying to represent. Infantry units did not use vehicle mounted radios, only portables.

so do your homework, and look up your TO&E

In order to prevent interferance from engine electrics, an additional bonding system was applied to radio vehicles. this was eventually done to all vehicles. see the master parts book for your particular vehicle.

See also

  • TM 11-227 signal communication equipment directory
  • TM 11-487 electrical communication systems equipment
  • SNL G-657 master parts book. page 475

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noise supperssion

for the WWII supperssion manual get
TM 11-483 dated nov 1944